Rakhi Sawant Leaves For Umrah, Amid Divorce Controversy

Mumbai: Rakhi Sawant, a prominent and controversial figure in Bollywood, is making headlines once again, this time for her departure on a spiritual journey.

Amidst ongoing controversies and serious allegations made by her ex-husband, Adil Khan Durrani, Rakhi has left for Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah on Friday morning (August 25), fulfilling a wish she has expressed for several months.

Her journey comes after she embraced Islam during her nikah (Islamic marriage ceremony) with Adil Khan Durrani last year. She even changed her name to ‘Fatima’.

Rakhi Sawant Begins Her Umrah Journey

In a video shared by the popular Bollywood paparazzi account Viral Bhayani on Instagram on Friday morning, Rakhi Sawant was captured in a flight. She can be seen wearing a hijab.

Expressing her sentiments, the actress said, “Assalamualaikum. Mein bahaut khush naseeb hun k aaj mein pehli baar Umrah jaa rahi hun. Aur mera bulawa aaya hai.

Mein itni khush hun. aap sab mujhe dua mein yaad rakhein, mein sabke liye dua karungi. (“Assalamualaikum. I am very fortunate that today I am going for Umrah for the first time. And I have been invited. I am so happy. Please remember me in your prayers, I will pray for everyone.)”

The past year has witnessed a whirlwind of events in Rakhi Sawant’s life, from her conversion to Islam and marriage to Adil Khan Durrani, to the recent turmoil created by allegations leveled against her by her ex-husband.

Rakhi’s Instagram account with over 10 million followers now appears to be unavailable. She told the paps, “I don’t have access, Adil and Rajshree have hacked my account, they don’t let me eat or sleep. I go home and they just continue to torture me.”

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