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Irtiqa Fayaz: A Towering Young Author From Kashmir

Umran Hussain

Irtiqa Fayaz Khan, a kashmiri girl is probably the youngest author to compile an anthology which found a place in ‘India Book of Records’.

Her book titled ‘The Merged Miracles of Pen’ included works of about 20 authors. The book hit the stands in early 2021 and has seen many copies sold with great success.
Irtiqa has  also co authored another book named’ Alfaaz‘ and also featured in another anthology herself and the interesting part of all her successes is that she has achieved all this while being in school.

A student of class 9th, this young scribe’s journey began while she was just in her 6th standard and she wrote a poem ‘Let Go! Your Past’. 

This poem was received well by the readers all across the country which proved to be a motivation for Irtiqa to pursue her dream of becoming an accomplished writer.

She began working on her anthology, inviting authors from the valley to contribute their work. She specifically chose Kashmiri writers because she wants to promote Kashmir’s literature.

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