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“Screaming Silence”- The Untold Pain and Reflection Of A Common Kashmiri

Pulwama: It was moment of pride and joy for the people of Talangam Pulwama as one of the sons of this soil released his poetry collection entitled “Screaming Silence” on Sunday.

The book is a tale of unending pain and sorrow that is experienced by a common man in kashmir. The collection has already receivedĀ  acclamation from the people of literary world.

This is a moment of pride for the people of his village and above all for his family and relatives. He is representing his village on national and international platform.

Poems have been used as a powerful weapon in wars, crisis and catastrophes to encourage and motivate. They are also used to discribe love and hatred. They contain wise and recklessness, comfort and anger, courage and disgrace, evil and good. That is what Dr. Mudasir Ahmad Gori also believes in.

The structure of his verification is based on melancholy. As the title of the poem suggests, “Screaming Silence”, all the poems appear to carry some untold pain and the aim is to communicate the same to all.

Dr Mudasir Ahmad Gori is the modern voice from kashmir. His book Screaming Silence displays the relentless pathos, love, passion and perpetual devotion towards his motherland.

He sensitises his readers with his confession and concurrence.

The book is a collection of 50 poems on a variety of topics. These poems conceptualize many concepts like pain, love, humanity, relationships etc. Interestingly there is a reference of some classical and modern poets like Habba khaton, Samad Mir, Lal Ded, and Maqbool Kralwari, Rehman Rahi and Rajab Hamid in his poems.

The poet has experimented with freshly cioned images and metaphors with a gut wrenching visuals of bleeding valley as well. The collection is full of despondency and pathos, the compact poetic fragments stir desolate thoughts and emotions.

Touching upon divers topics, Dr Mudasir has tried to reflect the personality of a common kashmiri, how he feels. All these poems make the reader feel inclined to the poems. It can be claimed that Dr Mudasir Ahmad Gori succeeds in evoking melancholic tunes that engulf readers in their gloomy rapture.

Dr. Mudasi Ahmad Gori was recently honored with the “Best Achievers Award In Education and Social Work”.

Follow the link to buy “screaming silence” on AmazonĀ 

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