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Gastroenterologist Exposed as Fake by Social Activist Dr. Bari Naik

Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir – In a shocking exposé, firebrand social activist Dr. Bari Naik has revealed that a supposedly renowned gastroenterologist practicing in Anantnag, Kashmir, was operating with fake degrees. The accused doctor, whose name has not been officially released, was seeing patients at multiple locations across the valley, including Hawal Srinagar, Anantnag, and Ganderbal.

Dr. Naik’s investigation began after receiving a tip about the doctor’s suspicious credentials. He embarked on a thorough verification process, meticulously examining the doctor’s claimed qualifications. His investigation reportedly spanned weeks and involved contacting relevant institutions and authorities.

The exposé sent shockwaves through the Kashmir medical community and general public alike. The news raises serious concerns about the potential dangers posed by such individuals operating within the healthcare system. Patients who consulted the fake doctor could have been subjected to misdiagnosis, inappropriate treatment, and even further health risks.

Dr. Naik has urged the authorities to take immediate action against the accused doctor. He has also called for stricter measures to ensure the authenticity of medical professionals’ qualifications and prevent such incidents from happening again.

The public is awaiting further details about the case, including the accused doctor’s identity, the nature of the fake degrees, and the potential impact on his patients. This incident highlights the importance of vigilance and the need for robust verification mechanisms within the medical field to safeguard public health.

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