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Girls in Ganderbal Darul-Uloom wrote 30 Parts of Quran in 19 hours

Girls students in Darul Uloom Sherpathri Kachan area of Ganderbal district created history after they wrote full copy of Quran in just 19 hours.

The news of this historic achievement came to limelight after a video widely circulated on social media shows a man in the premises of the Darul Uloom displaying the copy of  hand written Quran.

In this modern age where people are busy proving their mettle in sports and other fields, there are still some pure souls who are desperate to keep their faith alive.

Those 50 girls who are said to be studying in the said Darul Uloom have set an example by completing the hand written copy of the Quran in a record time.

The man in the viral video can be heard praising the efforts of the girl students and the cooperation of teachers and the managing authority of the Darul Uloom.

Displaying the hand written Quran in the video, one can clearly see two sets each containing 15 parts.

Flanked by the managing body and teachers of the Darul Uloom, the man in the video appeals the people for donations as the building of the school is still under construction.

The video received huge appreciation from all corners and people praised the girls who achieved this feat in such a short period of time.

Pertinently, a young Srinagar boy Adil Nabi Mir also wrote a copy of Quran by using his calligraphy skills in just 58 days.

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