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Missing Girl From Pattan Has Eloped With Lover, Records and Uploads Video On Social Media

screen grab of the video.

A video of 16 year old girl who went missing in mysterious circumstances on 16th September from Pattan has emerged on social media in which the girl clearly describes the episode of her “Kidnapping” as fake and according to her statement in the video, the girl says that she had eloped with her lover whom she actually wanted to marry and that they are safe, happy and healthy.

On 16th September, picture of a girl captioned as “Kidnapped” was making rounds on various social media platforms and out of concern, thousands of social media handles shared the picture to spread the word so that her distressed father could get her daughter back.

Her father had appealed the public to help him finding her daughter, whom he believed was kidnapped by some unknown person from her residence. Later some social media posts announced a reward of 20000 Rupees for the one who helps them in finding the “kidnapped” girl.

To everyones suprise, the girl in question had recorded a video which was later uploaded on social media in which she has clarified that she was never kidnapped by anyone.

My name is Shaista Rehman, Daughter of Abdul Rehmam Parrey and I am from Pattan. You may have come across my picture on social media with captions informing the public that I was kidnapped. In reality, no one actually kidnapped me, I left my home out of my own will, and (without mentioning the name of the boy), we both are safe and happy, I eloped with him and we got married in the court as well and we carry all the documents with us.” Said the girl in the video.

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