Ashraf Uncle: Pulwama’s Most Trustworthy Shopkeeper Is No More

Umran Hussain

Pulwama’s famous ‘Choodi Market’ lost its glory after one of its famous and trustworthy shopkeeper, Muhammad Ashraf left for heavily abode.

As soon as the news of the demise of Muhammad Ashraf was announced by his relatives, condolences started pouring in across all quarters, with people recalling his remarkable and unforgettable journey in Pulwama market.

Hailing from Dangarpora area of main town Pulwama, Ashraf died after a very brief illness.

“The man whose shop was a shop for all, not only for the purpose of trade, but it was used even by unknown people to keep their belongings whenever they needed to. Ashraf uncle would never say ‘No’ to anyone and this is what made him the man who he was.” Said Bhat Musadiq Riyaz, a well known social activist from Pulwama.

Ashraf’s picture is all over the internet with different captions and most of them praising the generosity and humbleness he was known for. “

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