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Angry kid appeals district administration to open schools, video goes viral

We are in the second year of the deadly pandemic that claimed 2.99 million lives worldwide and the second wave of it is proving to be more lethal than the first one.

After the humans, the second immediate casualty of the virus is education. Education suffered a huge loss, even though virtual classes filled a little gap but not to the extent that our teachers impart it in the classrooms.

One rarely comes across a kid who doesn’t enjoy being at home, enjoying the holidays, roaming around with siblings etc but this pandemic is hardly treated as a holiday by the kids it seems.

A video that was shared multiple times on various social media platforms wherein a kid can be seen lashing out at the district administration for not opening the schools.

The young angry boy who in his mother tongue says,”Be chus wanan district administrationas corona chun kihin, school kyazi karve bund. Teli kari taw dukaan ti bund. Agar me police ti niyi, be wan teli ti district administrationas school taryiw yela”

[Translation] “I appeal the district administration that there is no coronavirus, why did you close the schools? You should close the shops as well. Even if police picks me up for this I will keep on appealing about opening of schools.”

The video received lots of appreciation from the netizens with some of them calling it an emotional and mental breakdown on part of the kid, because it has been more than a year now and the students are yet to continue their studies in the schools.


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