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Hackers Have Found A New Way To Take Over Your Facebook Accounts And Pages – Here’s Is What You Can Do To Stay Safe

Umran Hussain

Even though Facebook is one of the world’s largest corporations, it is often experiencing security issues. Data breaches and cybersecurity attacks that target Facebook can affect billions of users across the world.

Anyone who owns a Facebook account or a page is exposed to the risk of data breaches and identity theft. With Facebook having billion’s of users, hackers will keep attacking and finding ways to get their hands-on confidential data.

Here’s is the latest way that hacker’s are using to hack your Facebook accounts:

This latest mess starts off with a notification in your notification bar, which reads: “Take Action Your ID will be confined.” Once the user clicks on the notification it redirects him to a new window which apparently seems to be the “Meta Business Suite Support” where the hacker has cleverly written the reasons as to ‘why your account or the page will be permanently banned.’

Here is the Text:

Your Page Has Been Disabled.
I.N.C. International Concepts has
reported that your article:
1. Using someone else’s fake
2. Share content that misleads
other users.
We’ve warned in the past that if
you continue to post content on
your Page that infringes
someone else’s intellectual
property rights, your Page will
be disabled.
If you believe this is an error in
our system, please verify your
account at the link below.
Account Confirmation:
Confirm your account within the
next 24 hours otherwise our
your Page may be permanently

The link given in the above text will then redirect you another window wherein a video uploaded by the hacker will instruct you to copy certain texts which you will get only after you “inspect” on the side of your page or account.

Later, you will be asked to fill the copied texts in the two given boxes, which actually sends your user name and other details to the hacker.

After completing the above process, you will receive another notification with a request of “password change” which actually is being done at the same time by the hacker. This is the time you can prevent your account from getting hacked by clicking “This Wasn’t Me.” If the user clicks “This Was Me” the hacker will get all the access to your account and you will be left with nothing but a blank User Name and Password option on your screen.

Moreover, in such a situation, only the “Two Factor Authentication” can save your account from getting hacked.



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