Beyond Grades: Prioritizing Safety and Respect in Coaching Centres for Girls

In Kashmir, where education is fiercely valued, coaching centres have become a familiar sight. Parents seek that extra edge for their children, especially daughters, who are increasingly pursuing higher education and competitive exams. While the quality of education is undeniably important, it’s crucial to remember – it’s not everything. For girls, a safe and respectful learning environment should be the top priority.

Recent reports of misconduct within coaching centres have cast a shadow on these institutions. We, as parents and guardians, cannot be solely focused on securing the highest marks. We need to ensure the well-being of our daughters – their physical and mental safety, and the respect they deserve.

Yes, most coaching centres offer good teachers. But can we guarantee a secure environment? Are there measures in place to prevent harassment or inappropriate behaviour? Do these centres foster an atmosphere of respect for all students, especially girls?

Let’s be clear – a good teacher can be found elsewhere. It’s the responsibility of coaching centres to prioritize safety and respect, creating a space where girls can learn without fear or discomfort. This means stringent background checks for staff, clear anti-harassment policies, dedicated support systems for students, and a zero-tolerance approach to any form of misconduct.

Remember, education is a lifelong journey. It holds little value if compromised by a lack of safety or respect. Choosing a coaching centre for your daughter is not just about securing good grades – it’s about finding a place that fosters her potential while safeguarding her well-being. Let’s make “respect” and “safety” the top subjects in every coaching centre curriculum.

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