Defaming Girl Students Studying Outside Kashmir. Who Is Responsible?

Umran Hussain

Hundreds of undated and fake videos attributed to girls studying outside Kashmir are being made viral by a large section of people in Kashmir since a very long time.

The trend that started a few years ago after a kashmiri boy studying outside, in a video message appealed kashmiri parents not to send their daughters to study outside the valley as they indulge in filthy activities.

Unfortunately, no action was taken against the man in the video which consequently proved to be an impetus for others in the valley who in one voice started a crusade of defamation against kashmiri girls studying outside the valley.

In a very recent incident, a video surfaced on the social media which was first uploaded by a Facebook page namely, “786 Live life” with a caption “Sub pata chala.
Kashmeri Ladkeya Bahir jakr konsa kam karrahe hai
.” The video after reverse image search by our team was found to be more than five years old.

The video had already garnered more than 51,0000 views till this report was filed.

Such fake news which dents the image of a specific section of people are rarely taken care of. We have hundreds and thousands of female students studying outside the valley and our people find no shame in naming and shaming them all.

“Being a respectable citizen, I can only imagine the amount of damage such posts and videos can have on the parents of such students and the student herself. This insanity at the hands of a specific section of illiterate people should stop. Police should take a very serious note of this trend which is having a very harmful impact on the society we live in.” Said a school teacher wishing anonymity.

This is what kashmiri girls do outside” is a sentence you come across on and off on social media platforms particularly Facebook. Nothing much has been done to stop this process of shaming our own women. They are the women whom we should be proud of, they take the pains and leave their dwellings just to study and unfortunately, back home, we have made a mockery of them.

“If a girl is supposed to do any wrong, going to study outside is not a prerequisite for that. She can do it in her room, in a garden and in her town as well. And I have a very important question to this so called ‘conscious’ group of people, that, what about the boys studying outside? Is it that they have got impunity to do whatever they want? We have hundreds of cases of boys who have brought a very bad name to our society but unfortunately, nobody talks about that just because they are boys.” Said Munaza Rafiq, a research scholar.

Thousands of girls from Kashmir are in other parts of the country or in foreign countries to pursue higher education which truly should be a matter of pride for all of us. We have problems of drug abuse, alcohol consumption and many other problems that have engulfed our society, but a girl student studying outside is the bone of contention for the illiterate and irresponsible masses who under the garb of religion defame someones sister, someones daughter and above all a Gods creation who harbours paradise under her feet.

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