Denying Entry: A Murder With A Difference

Dr. Masoon Ahmad Beig

With an irritated mood, shaky hands and a gloomy atmosphere all around, writing about the heart wrenching incident at “Lala Ded”  Hospital, named after the great and pious lady saint “Lalla Ded” whose stories of patience and tranquility have been inspiring us since our childhood.

Quite unfortunate that this hospital known by her name in Srinagar is in news and for a very bad reason this time around.

This tragic news about a women from North Kashmir’s Kupwara has shook the very foundations of humanity who gave birth to a baby after three years, but her baby lived for a short span of time as the father of the baby was stopped by the security guards and was asked to pay ‘chai’ –Corruption with a different name.

If sources are to be believed this poor father had already paid Rs. 800, the amount that didn’t satisfy the security guards who asked him for more perhaps Rs. 200 or in other words 1000 (sas deh barabar) and during the bargaining which allegedly took place for more than ten minutes, the baby expired in the lap of his father (ina lilahe wainna elihe rajaoon).

The tragedy is that this baby was murdered only for Rs. 200. The lady was brought to L.D Hospital after traveling more than 100 kilometers in this chilly weather with a hope that she will become a mother, but in return she got a dead body of her beloved baby! This is a clear case of negligence and corruption which didn’t allow the poor baby to breathe.

Is it not a Murder? Yes it is a murder with a difference.

The tragedy is that on one hand we have laws to control the corruption and huge hoarding are installed in every office regarding the prohibition of corruption and same hoardings can be seen in L.D hospital as well.

Pledges are taken by the civil servants and the special days and weeks are observed to curb corruption, but the impact is negligible on ground.

Another tragedy is that all doctors, bureaucrats and politicians of the union territory tweeted about the incident and condemned the incident, but a tweet will not bring the dead baby back and will not reduce the pain of parents.

My question to all bureaucrats and politicians of the UT is that, had there been any special medical facility available at Kupwara the tragic incident may not have taken place.

Now the last tragedy is that nothing has been done except suspension and disengagement. At least a severe punishment should be served to the culprits, so that such incidents may not happen in future.

The Author teaches Geography at
Altaf Memorial Govt. Degree College Kilam
Email masoongeo@gmail.com


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