“If you keep Peacock feathers in notebook, it will give birth to many others”

A pair of Peacock feathers in a notebook

The most unforgettable period of ones life is childhood. Everyone has childhood memories and ofcourse the memories that are happiest and saddest memories lurking in ones mind. Often we remember things that have happened in our childhood period and they just make us laugh. Good or bad, those memories are truly unforgettable.

Everything seemed different in our childhood: the trees were much taller, the roads much wider, and every new day was more interesting that the previous one.

Then there are some memories from our schools, our classrooms, our play fields and the ways we would tread upon to reach our school.

The one we picked today is “if you keep Peacock feather in your notebook, it will give birth to many others.” This memory exclusively belongs to the 90’s kids when the only iPhone at that time was a video game and the only Facebook we had, was the profiles we had built of our schools mates in our friend circle.

“Peacock feather” was one of the costliest asset one would have in his or her possession during those times. We were told that “keeping two Peacock feathers in a notebook gives birth to younger ones, with a little sugar added to it.” Wow! such was the level of innocence.

Back then we were given to understand that babies are truly born of those parent Peacock feathers, no one had an iota of doubt on this experiment, not because those kids were fools but they would enjoy even while imagining it.

Then there was a group of boys in schools who were in the business of selling and buying those feathers. They would earn a great deal, a few bucks, few biscuits, some would buy them in exchange of erasers and pencils.

Though the parent feathers would never give birth to younger ones, the trend continued till the advent of modernity and later vanished in thin air and left an everlasting impression of theoretical experiments and memories to return back to our beautiful childhood.

Even the present day scientists from our classmates were not critical of this experiment and they too enjoyed and actively participated in buying and selling of this precious asset.

Umran Hussain is a blogger and works for The Kashmir Radar as an online editor. He can be reached at: umranhussainkr@gmail.com

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