Lack of Professionalism

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Saima Jamaal

Literally, the awaited competence of a professional which includes the implementation of an activity rather than a lay-man is Professionalism.

To be more explanatory, a kind of behavior that off-shoots what an ordinary person would have or behaving in a more formal or business-like manner. An integration of simply good manners, formal etiquettes and limited conversation characterize professionalism, too.

Being professional in one’s concerned field means much more beyond just holding a college or university degree. Because, one’s conduct marks one’s foundation and vision up to a great extent.

From times immemorial, personal experiences are adding a rational taste to almost every idea and I am to share few, too; it’s pretty known to all of the readers and writers that just authoring a book is not the actual adequacy. Once you author a book, what formulates it’s spinal column is it’s “Promotion”.

After getting my very first book published, I got to be contacted by a notable number of literary organizations and platforms. It aches my psyche to pitch it up that if the number if approaches was 10, 02/10 did start and end up with professional ethics and 08/10 either did not want to end or tried to get personal one way or the other. Resultant, I rested in loss many a times as I did not so called co-operate in the name of promotion. At such classless stage, one’s conscience must become supreme in comparison to what else.

After a detailed analysis, I came to an end that what such gents lack is “Professionalism”. A concept they need to go through before organizing a platform or contacting the dignified people of the society. If my piece hits even only a few eyeballs, I’ll be glad enough to rejoice my longing efforts.

Professionalism is a deeply organized concept where the basic characteristics like, Neat appearance, Proper demeanor (in person and on-line), Reliability, Competence, Communication, Phone etiquettes, Poised, Ethical, Organized and Accountable are of supreme importance. Contacting a dignified person for promotion and inwardly hoping for meager collaboration that ends up in personal bondage is way too far even from the Schaff of the grain of Professionalism. It basically is a skill to let others feel respected, regardless of what actually one is. One can be personally stained but professionally sound and vice-versa.

At least, exemption of a skill must be practised if one lets his/herself public. Professionalism talks of formal behavior and putting other’s interest above than self-interest. So far as my opinion is concerned, our societal on-line and off-line platforms grievously lag behind in Professionalism, as it often gets mingled with personal ventures here. If not the professionalism as a concept, let us try to implement an element of professionalism, at least… be it dedication, formal behavior or responsibility. A single element’s devotion can adhere to an automatic integration that may come to our survival vividly.

Saima Jamaal is an Author and Anchor.

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