Lawlessness: when law students broke the law in a law college

Some unusual scenes that one hardly comes across in our college’s and universities in Kashmir surfaced on social media on Thursday afternoon.

In the first instance it looked like a gang war and one could hardly imagine that happening in a college in our backyard and the unfortunate scenes were from Kashmir Law College at Nowshera in central Kashmir’s Srinagar district.

Digging into the facts, some sources defined the scuffle as an altercation between the seniors and juniors of the college over the issue of ragging while some sources put out some disturbing facts and related the whole issue to a “boy girl” story.

The juniors of the college have outrightly called it an issue of ragging while the allegedly accused seniors of the college today assembled in the press colony Srinagar to mark their protest against the intervention of some outsiders who according to them entered into the college premises and manhandled them.

One of the protestor among the seniors can be heard saying that the outsiders had a nexus with our juniors and both the parties together vandalised the college, thrashed us and abused the female students.
One of the junior student who blames his seniors for ragging has allegedly damaged his eardrum which the seniors of the college term as a balatant lie.

Whatever the cause, whatever the issue may be, the question is, why doesn’t the college administration speak a single work about the issue?
Is it such big an issue that even the district administration doesn’t intervene?

And last but not the least, you are law students for Gods sake. Are we living in such unfortunate times that we are witnessing our students of law breaking it even before studying the law.


By Umran Hussain

Online editor The Kashmir Radar

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