Role of Mathematics in Human life

Tajamul Fayaz

Mathematics is the queen of all subjects. However, it is difficult to state exactly what mathematics is. We are well aware that numbers, shapes and equations form but only a small part of math’s compared to the vast space of its concepts and ideas.

The best way to understand what mathematics is and what mathematicians works on is to do mathematics. Rather than thinking about particular numbers, shapes, conditions or items, mathematicians must contemplate on their basic constructions and examples.

There is one common idea of ‘abstraction’ that appears everywhere in mathematics. The outcomes (theorems) are more broad and give further understanding as well as provide deeper insight into it. Another fundamental idea in the subject called ‘proof’ upholds that one can’t say an idea is true or test it in a few cases. Being a mathematician one needs a rigorous and watertight argument to reason that it is always true. May be these things are making mathematics more difficult than other sciences.

However, these things guarantee that mathematicians can obtain absolute and definitive knowledge which is not easily possible in most other disciplines. This makes the subject of mathematics extraordinary.
Mathematics has countless incredible applications in almost every possible part of life. Despite being abstract and theoretical, it has a high hand in the advancement of civilizations.

Besides, the monetary or economic value, the cultural values of this incredible subject are too large to measure. Without mathematics there would be no tax system, no television, no computers, no internet and no satellite navigation system.

Mathematics is a wonderful subject for understanding the universe we live in. It would be impossible without mathematics to understand things like equations of general relativity which administer the movement of stars and worlds wherever in the universe.

Being an autonomous subject, it plays a fundamental role in the modern science in different ways. Mathematical concepts and procedures are used to solve problems not only in science but also in engineering, economics, essential computational abilities, quantitative thinking, spatial capacity and so forth.

Talking about mathematics in engineering, the differential equations play a great role in solving circuit equations. Likewise, non linear systems in engineering are solved by applying numerical methods. Civil engineers require mathematics to study the chemistry of the material. For the surveying of the structure, mathematical trigonometry is used on a large scale just to check the land elevations and different angle measurements of the structure.

In mechanical engineering, dimensions of different objects in which CAD/CAM is involved are measured by simply applying mathematical concepts of geometry and algebra.

Looking into the astronomical side of the science, mathematics calculations have always been of central importance. Many of the well known astronomers were also mathematicians. Mathematical concepts and techniques are employed to calculate the relative distances of heavenly bodies. Procedures for progressively precise estimation have always been pivotal to the improvement of cosmology as a definite science.

The projection of the divine circle onto a level surface permitted the development of instruments like the astrolabe and the planning of the sky. Modern mathematical tools are employed in optimizing the trajectories of a spacecraft. Space shuttles which move at higher speeds are directed by astronauts with the help of mathematics. Not only this, but also the complex mathematical calculations are performed by astronauts to protect the celestial objects from collisions.

Mathematics also has a vitality in data science which in essence is the study of vast amount of data in detail. In Studying this science, different processes and algorithms are utilized for identifying meaningful ideas. Mathematics forms the foundational base of every technique in data science. The principle reason for building and planning new information items is the way one can adequately go through examining the information quantitatively accessible to them. It is of extraordinary significance that one has point to point information on mathematics, since every one of the ideas of mathematics are valuable in recognizing patterns and examples in information and accordingly aid the production of calculations. In nutshell, one cannot say” No “ to mathematics if one is in the field of data science.

The historical role of mathematics supports the notion that mathematics has provided the mental discipline required to understand other disciplines. It, thus, constitutes an inalienable part of our heritage and the development of this heritage is our responsibility. Not only this, but the issue of how this subject is intertwined with other subjects also needs attention.

By doing so, mathematics can prove our best friend in every walk of life. We need to create such type of atmosphere in our society wherein every student instead of having fear of mathematics will become fond of it.

Tajamul Fayaz is a student of mathematics at Central University of Kashmir and can be reached at tajamulfayaz621@gmail.com.

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