The Tale Of Unmoved Electric Poles In Kashmir

An electric pole lies in the middle of a newly constructed road somewhere in Kashmir

Umran Hussain

You may have come across hundreds of news items highlighting the faulty positioning of electric poles in the Kashmir valley and you may have overlooked the seriousness of irresponsibility of the concerned department too by taking it as a joke and sharing the funny pictures of electric poles erected in the middle of a road.

The pictures you share as a fun material are not always funny, rather they depict the non-serious approach of the department and expose the expertise of their staff.

Such imprecise works shoot into limelight when our Roads and Buildings department starts Macdamization of our roads in summers and raises questions about the cooperation and coordination between the Power Development Department and Roads and Buildings Department.

People then ask some unfeigned questions about the modus operandi of both the departments and one such common question pops up everywhere, be it social media or print media, “Why can’t both the departments talk to each other and get the wrongly erected poles removed from the middle of the road?” A truly genuine question though.

Common sense dies a silent death when one sees a newly Macdamized road with an electric pole in the middle of it. Cant you move it?

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