Conference on Dr Iqbal, his world of spirituality held at IUST

The International Centre for Spiritual Studies, Islamic University of Science and Technology (IUST) organized a one-day International Conference on Dr Iqbal and his world of spirituality on Thursday.

As per a varsity spokesperson, the event was organized in collaboration with the Iqbal Institute of Culture & Philosophy, University of Kashmir and Meezan Publications Srinagar.

Besides, expert lectures, presentations and a symposium, five books were released during the conference.

The important dignitaries present on the occasion were Prof. Shakil A Romshoo (Vice Chancellor, IUST), Prof. Qayyum Hussain (Vice Chancellor, Cluster University Srinagar), Maulana Ahmad Shah Lolabi (Religious Scholar), G.N.War (President, Private School Association J&K) and Prof. Jawhar Qudoosi.

The guest of honour of the event, Prof. Abdul Haq (Prof. Emeritus Delhi University) joined the conference online.

In his inaugural address, Prof. Hamidullah Marazzi (Director, International Centre for Spiritual Studies, IUST) introduced the significance of the theme while relating Iqbal’s poetic expressions.

He emphasized introducing Allama Iqbal and his spiritual thought to the younger generation. He further said, “Allama Iqbal introduced us to the concept of spiritual democracy and helped us to interpret and understand the universe spiritually”.

The keynote speaker, Lolabi introduced spirituality as a universal tradition (espoused by all religious traditions globally) in addition to explaining the importance of creating a balance between the requirements of body and spirit.

The speaker surveyed Allam Iqbal’s diverse aspects of spiritual thought (especially his emphasis on love, passion, and devotion towards Allah and his beloved Prophet Mohammad (SAW) and his longing for the revival of spiritual, moral and material domains of life.

Explicating the need for spiritual nourishment, Prof. Abdul Haq, talked at length about Iqbal’s ideas on spirituality in light of his cherished concept of “Khudi/transcendental –self”.
Prof Abdul Qayyum reiterated his personal experiences with reading and understanding the significance and impact of Iqbal’s ideas not only on the East but on the Western readership.

In his presidential remarks, Prof Shakeel Romshoo highlighted Iqbal’s impact on the West and the significance of spiritual action and rectification in a highly advanced technological world to check all pervading crises. Encouraging the participants to read and understand Iqbal’s poetry, Prof. Romshoo said, “His poetry is motivational and inspiring. It has great potential to awaken the intellectual spirit among its readers”.

The five books released at the event are Madrasah Education by Dr Nisar Ahmad Trali, Quranic Revelations by Mr Majid Majeed, Social Media by Rashid Nabi Khan, Kashmir Ummeed-i Farda by Dr Muhyuddin Zor and Mystic Icons of Kashmir by Dr Shahida Bilques. Parallelly, a symposium for the Higher Secondary School students was also organized, the spokesperson added.

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