Battle Warrior

Representational Picture

When I saw our den burning in sun rays,
Knew you were fighting with your soul for ways.

Flowers in our garden fall apart,
I wonder whose eyes fell on our cart.

I thought lions don’t die, they just sleep,
Look at us now we’re keen.

Organ was releasing venom in every part,
Still you were worried for us in half living heart.

Slowly and steadily you were shutting down,
Still you were talking in high voice with crown.

The real poison were us,
And then your heart did the must.

Aftermath, when your soul weighed more than you,
Destiny is written, something happened tha’ was best for you.

You bared a lot of pain alone,
There’s paradise waiting with throne.

Weren’t we already a nuclear one,
Now as 3 we have to begun.

Areeza javed is a young poet.
Being an introvert, Areeza says she expresses herself by playing linguistically with words as it allows her to draw up her utmost within ideas.
The poem is about her struggles that she was going through when her father left them a couple of months before.

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