Call your weakness your strength!


Existence may not be perfect
But you’re perfect,
I know when you feel weak
That you feel so rubbish
On the inside.

But it’s like the darkness that
Makes the stars shine so bright,
The stars don’t know it
But everyone else does.

Your weak moment’s are your
Strength and heroism,
Pushing you through the darkness
To something beautiful and peaceful.

So don’t be hard on yourself
In your weak days,
They’re your glory days in disguise.

Call your weakness your strength
And start talking to yourself
Like you’re the hero.

It’s not always rosy and blissful
But you get through the moments
You feel you can’t breathe.
Keep on keeping on, Darling.
You’re made
up of glory days. 


Ambreena Jan is a budding poet hailing from South Kashmir’s Pulwama district. Presently she is pursuing B.tech. from GCET kashmir. Writing is her passion. 

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