Haunting Pain: A poem by Sakeena Jabeen


Soaking eyes, heavy head,
Piercing pain, aching heart,

Hundred thousand venomous train of thought,
Whirling my being as to swim in endless sea.

Trying hard to tame my untamed grief,
Not only to get tied to an anchor,
But to have a complete design how to sway like an angler?

Along the waves and tides of the endless sea.
Beseech thee ! You heavenly God,

Not to let me overwhelm by this haunting pain,
Maketh me a bit weak n frail,

I,m sure of thy mercy ,
A cure to my all frailty,
Prethee,let me drench in thy mercy!!


Sakeena Jabeen has done Masters in English language and literature from Iust Awantipora she has published poems in different anthologies. 


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