Hues of separation

The one who was intrinsically part of your soul will eventually leave you! 

seems lost through the deepest haze of fast asleep!

In the permanence of this fancy Quickly turning nightmare nothing but the image of your face
is like the terror in nighty bushes!

Hues of separation with your beloved
this sudden realization made you very uncomfortable.
Thy chaos blocks your inner peace
keep your eyes ready to cry
it brings its own melody
the everyone who listens
feel the same!

We all feel deserted in middle finding place to soothe the thirst
Treas drain
echoes of separation scatter!

Hope flows away like a stream
you are left cold and empty
withered under the sky
slipping into oblivion
of Unrequired screams!


Ambreena Jan is a budding poet hailing from South Kashmir’s Pulwama district. Presently she is pursuing B.tech. from GCET kashmir. Writing is her passion.

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