Longing for my beloved


On the suspension bridge of Jhelum,
At the stroke of midnight,

I sing laments of Heer and Ranjha,
Separation of you, I can’t bear,

Pain, you have given, I can’t cure,
The wound deep inside my heart,

Is witness of my pangs,

Tears in my eyes have seen it all,
Yes the Jhelum itself has witnessed my longing for you,

I want to see once again your deep sea eyes,
That curvy smile that has my heart,

But my beloved you were like a cold fish and a lame duck who always played cat and a dog,

I am still and perplexed,

Being care, love, kindness in your name,
You still are a heartless fellow,

People say they have ever seen,
Alas! Your deep eyes with no emotions,

Is a brook with no fish,

Perhaps, a hard nut to crack, your hard feelings,
Slowly but surely will free you from them.

Moment you left me aloof is engraved on the walls of my desolate heart.

Pain, ache, pang, twinge engulfed in a jiffy,
I wish how Romeo and Juilet became one,

So someday we shall become two bodies and one soul,
Let the river Jhelum be witness of our love and see the meet of souls once,

The one that has seen only separation of beloveds.

Saqib Manzoor hails from central Kashmir’s district Budgam. Studying in class 12th, Saqib regularly contributes to Kashmir Radar. 

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