Nature, the best teacher


Once upon a time i went to my paddy fields, 
And everyone was worried about their yields. 

It was the time when the fields were green,
And everyone felt pleased on seeing this scene. 

These green fields and leafy trees under the blue sky, 
Added the attractiveness to nature and made it beautiful. 

The flying birds and the playing children,
Make the nature the part of heaven. 

This attractive nature pleases my soul, 
And fills my heart with love and excitement. 

lucky am I to be the part of this pleasant nature, 
The nature that is full of Blessed miracle. 

Nature is everything which we see, feel and learn, 
Nature is a teacher where we can learn, 

The knowledge that we yearn to earn. 


Faheem ul islam hails from Achan pulwama and is pursuing his bachelor’s in political science at ALIGARH MUSLIM UNIVERSITY. 



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