“The songs of darkness”

The sun is blazing for the tears to dry
A snake in the grass made it cry. 

The story of pain, but none to listen to 
Lonely in darkness, with tears and fears. 

Virtues and claps, who is here to care?
A storm of gloom for none to share. 

Deserted the lanes, howling of wolves 
The trust is gone, left none to call. 

Illusion of love blindfolded one and all
Catching up the wind to give it a fall. 

A hope to win made it face and stand
Working the work, a star sure to land. 


Syed Tajamul Hussain hails from drabgam Pulwama. He can be reached at: 

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News Desk staff at The Kashmir Radar. Posting unbiased news as we believe in pure journalism!

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