Appointment of AP’s (Cont.) By IUST: Aspirants Aghast Over Violation of Supreme Court Judgment By The University

The contractual teaching faculty (Assistant Professors) of IUST from various departments like English, Mathematics, Technology and Architecture continue to suffer due to the non-compliance and delay strategies by IUST Administrators with regard to the Hon’ble High Court orders.

The university adminstration didn’t implement the court orders that maintained the status quo of these faculty members. It is pertinent to mention that Hon’ble Supreme Court has clearly stated that, “It is a settled principle of law that an ad hoc employee cannot be replaced by another ad hoc employee and he can be replaced only by another candidate who is regularly appointed by following a regular procedure prescribed”.

High Court judgement was given in favour of the IUST contractual faculty on 31st December 2022 but till now the faculty members have not been given the justice.

The IUST adminstration is hellbent to make these high qualified faculty members jobless. This is sheer highhandedness of the university adminstration.

The faculty members humbly urge LG Manoj Sinha, Advisor to LG R.R Bhatnagar, and Principal Secretary HED to personally intervene in this matter and uphold the pillar of judiciary in the UT.
Moreover, the salaries (of the last year’s December month) of these petitioners have also been deliberately stalled in a bid to harass and unsettle them psychologically.

” Our services have been protected by hon’ble High Court but the University officials didnt implement the High Court orders which have affected our lives miserably. We have families to feed. We can’t pay the fees of our kids.We are at the verge of mental trauma.” One of the faculty members from English department said.

These faculty members also urge the Civil Societies, Media Fraternity, and Bar Association, Srinagar to take note of this grave issue, so that the highly qualified lot of the society is not pushed to the wall and prevent them from opting any other way to get justice. The last year’s pending salaries should be released without further delay.

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