Musaib Bhat: Man Behind Million Smiles In Kashmir

The science of smiling is so powerful that it helps the humans live longer and increases the life span.

Kashmir in the past has seen various comedians cheering them up, but Musaib Bhat uses a unique way to make people smile.

Musaib Bhat who is 27 years old has been making funny videos since four years and uses his art of comedy to spread smiles.

Musaib’s video gained popularity in the valley among all age groups, his way of copying women as to how they resort to longer conversations on phone, copying singers by making faces in a way loved by all is the genre he is good at.

Recently Musaib started making prank videos which saw his viewership shooting up in a very shorter period of time.

“I always wanted to do something that would make people laugh. There is so much going on in everyone’s life that we forget to smile and I wanted to bring a smile to people’s faces,” says Musaib in an interview with DNA.

His videos get a decent viewership on his Facebook and Instagram handles.

“My videos are getting so much love from people, I am so humbled by the love. The television industry here is defunct and social media is our only chance of proving our acting, singing talents” Musaib said. (DNA)


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