Anantnag: Mentally unsound man humiliated, thrashed. Video live streamed

A man visibly unfit, mentally as well as physically was thrashed and humiliated by uploading a video on social media by some locals Anantnag district.

The man allegedly caught entering into a house pleads “not guilty” for the offense, the locals thrashed and abused him for.

The video live streamed by one Suhail Mir was watched by more than 120 lakh people in just a few hours.

As usual people engaged with the video by commenting and sharing it, while most of the users castigated the man who uploaded the video.

A group of people can be seen hurling abuses and repeatedly asking the mentally unsound man to prove his identity, which some of the users clarified by writing that the man resides in Mutton area of district Anantnag and is not mentally sound.

“Even if he was caught stealing, he deserves a fair trail and should have been handed over to the police,” advised most of users.

“He belongs to a decent family and his father is a well reputed person in his locality, he is not a thief, he is not physically and mentally sound,” wrote one Facebook user, urging the people in the video to leave him alone.

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