“Bakus” Just Promoted “Rash Driving” In One Of his Videos, Netizens React

screen grab of the video

Umran Hussain

Sadat, popularly known as “BAKUS” dived into yet another controversy by uploading a video of his Vlog wherein he along with his friends can be seen chasing a biker who according to Sadat prompted him cousin to overtake on a national highway.

Capturing the video of the incident Sadat in his video can be clearly heard saying that, one of the bikers who was riding at a higher speed overtook us. “We had earlier promised that we will go slow on the road but my cousin quickly got an adrenaline rush after a biker overtook him which promoted my cousin to do the same.” Said Sadat in the video.

Both the bikers can be seen riding at a higher speed and unfortunately none sitting behind the riders was wearing a helmet which without an iota of doubt is dangerous and against the law.

Now the question is why is it dangerous to upload and glamourise such stunts on social media platforms?

Bakus has a huge fan following both on Facebook and YouTube, and he has been entertaining people by his roasting videos since two years with most of his fans loving the way he entertains them.

Sadat is definitely a local celebrity and no one can deny the fact that he does influence his followers in one way or the other. Celebrities can have a positive influence on youth. In fact, they can serve as role models. But famous celebrities can also provide unhealthy examples. In particular, celebrity influence on body image and substance use, rash driving, breaking traffic rules is often detrimental to the society they represent because most of youth tend to follow their favourite celebrity in certain ways, be it dressing style, the way he talks or the way he drives.

“He gave us pain – day2 at aru valley pahalgam – bakus gindan” is how the video has been titled by him on his Facebook page and has fetched more than twelve thousand views in just two hours.

Soon after the video was uploaded, the content didn’t go down well his fans this time around and most of the fans writing comments lashed out at him by promoting rash driving, with one user writing “reckless driving, Being a Public Figure You Should not Promote this Non sense.”

Another user who tried to teach him some traffic lessons wrote, “Promoting rash driving.. Delete this video pl read 297 traffic rules.”

Needless to say that such influencers in the valley can be found whirlpooled into controversies on and off and the reason being is immaturity, huge fan following at a younger age which obviously becomes irresistible to them and not following the social media policies just to fetch views for a few bucks. Let sanity prevail.

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