Brutal and Merciless: These Traits Describe Shariya Manzoor Perfectly

19 year old female boxer, Shariya Manzoor is an aspiring boxer from south kashmir’s Pulwama district. Braving all odds Shariya is emerging as a sports icon and an ispiration for the youth especially girls in her district.

Shariya has already won two silver medals in the UT boxing championship and is a national Gold Medalist in Thang Soo Doo. She is also the winner of Silver medal at state takewondo championships and has participated in belt wrestling championship.

Hailing from Pulwama’s small village Nehama and belonging to an orthodox family, Shariya wishes to move ahead and set an example but she says “lack of support from administration is a hinderance that creates a huddle in acheiving her dream”.

A student of Goverment Degree College Pulwama, Shariya Manzoor in adding to representing her district has also represented her college several times.

“I was longing to receive training under a good coach because I needed to polish my boxing skills, then i met Owais Yaqoob, a well known fitness coach who proved to be a messiah and helped me a lot in improving my skills”.

Shariya Manzoor has added a long list of medals to her library here is the list of a few:
◆Federation gold medalist (thang ta)
◆Federation participation (tang soo doo)
◆National gold medalist (thang ta)
◆National silver medalist (tang soo doo)
◆National belt wrestling participation)
◆Two times silver medal UT boxing championship.

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