‘Dapaan Petrol Makleow’ – We and Our Obsession With Petrol Filling Stations Is Out of This World.

Umran Hussain

The Kashmir Radar: Why is it that every rumor, irrespective of its source and nature takes the people of Kashmir to petrol filling stations.?

Be it the war in Ukraine or the presidential elections in Nigeria, be it the news of a dispute between too neighbours in Papua New guinea or the sinking of a fishing boat in the Arabian sea; the people in Kashmir within no time find themselves jumbled up near petrol and diesel filling stations.

On Wednesday evening, a self proclaimed ‘journalist’ posted a picture of a filling station showing more than thirty vehicles waiting in a que to refill their vehicles and the rest is history.

Dapaan” the most notoriously infamous word in Kashmir set the internet on fire and soon people, even those who do not own a vehicle started making beeline’s outside petrol filling stations.

Innocent people in Kashmir are very vulnerable to rumors, sometimes for genuine reasons though, but most of the times just because of the word, “Dapaan.”

This is not for the first time that people in Kashmir queued outside petrol filling stations because of the rumors about less or negligible fuel supplies, we have witnessed it hundreds of times in the past too.

As of now, nobody, not even a single soul in Kashmir is aware about the actual reason, but here in Kashmir, we do what our neighbours do, we sleep when our neighbours go to bed, we wont eat a single meal just because our neighbours aren’t having it and most importantly we will never bother to know the reason behind.

One fails to understand, even if it is a war, what are we going to do with the petrol cans and diesel and petrol filled cars.?

Do you have the answer.?

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