Death of Humanity: Ropes tied around babies limbs, filmed and shared on social media

Screen grab of the video

Tying a baby with ropes, filming him while screaming and then uploading the video on social media is something that puts humanity to shame.

In a shocking as well as tragic incident, a few months old baby can be seen tied with ropes in an undated video with an unknown location that is making rounds on social media platforms and has left netizens wondering as to how can human beings stoop to such an inhuman level.

In the disturbing video, ropes can be seen tied around the wrists and feet of the baby and secured to four bricks.

The condition of the baby boy in the video is nauseating and stomach churning. It can be seen trying to untie but the weakest limbs doesn’t allow it do so and for obvious reasons, as those limbs were not made for that.

The internet is overrun with the images and videos of child abuse and torture these days and people sharing such videos is more sickening.

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