Deepak Kalal’s “Mein Shikaslad Hun” jibe at himself takes K-internet by storm

Srinagar, April 21; The Kashmir Radar: Deepak Kalal, a very popular internet sensation known for his “love for Kashmir” videos has taken internet by storm after a video surfaced on social media platforms where Deepak can be seen in a Shikara in the famous Dal Lake.

Accompanied by a kashmiri friend, Deepak copies the famous “Pawri girls” lines “ye mein hun, ye mera shikara ha aur yahan pay pawri ho rahi ha” and in the meantime his kashmiri friend sitting adjacent to him in the Shikara can be heard repeating the lines but with a different humor added to them and says “Ye mein hun, ye (deepak kalal) shikaslad ha aur yahan shikara ride ho raha ha.”

Apparently it seemed that Deepak was was not familiar with the meaning of the kashmiri word “shikaslad” as he enquires from his friend about the meaning of the word.

Continuing his humorous tone, the kashmiri boy “makes up” the meaning of the word as “Raja of Kashmir” (which is not the actual meaning of the word) and hearing the meaning, Deepak’s face lit with a smile and later he repeats the same words with a sense of pride.

The video was shared multiple times on various social media platforms.

Deepak Kalal is a self proclaimed celebrity and a traveller. He has spend much of his time in Kashmir and in his videos he requests tourists from outside the union territory to visit Kashmir and not to believe the mainstream media narrative about Kashmir.

Back home Deepak was beaten several times by miscreants who didn’t like his videos glorifying the hospitality of kashmiri people.

Shikaslad” is a kashmiri word and is used for a person who is extremely unlucky, unfortunate and impoverished and is often used for people who don’t have money.¬†

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