Fact Check: Truth Behind The Viral Video Of A Female Teacher In Kashmir

Screen grab of the video

Umran Hussain

The Kashmir Radar: A two minute video clip which is viral on social media, shows a female teacher being tested for her calculations by a visiting team is being circulated with a false angle to demean the goverment teachers in Kashmir.

A reverse image search by “The Kashmir Radar” fact finding team, of the video’s keyframes revealed that the video is from a school in Pakistan’s Lahore where a team from the local district office that shepherds all goverment schools in the district after a suprise visit found the teacher in video showing wrong calculations to the students.

The video was uploaded by “” a Pakistani Digital Media & Discussion Forum on Pakistani politics on its YouTube channel with a caption, “An illiterate teacher caught by authorities in a Pakistani school.”

The same video is being shared on various social media platforms in Kashmir, calling out teachers in kashmiri goverment schools with some of the users blaming reservation system for degradation of education system in Kashmir.

The video has been amplified by hundreds of individual Facebook accounts and various news portals as well with none of them attributing the video to a school in Pakistan.

“When such videos surface on social media, ReT teachers are being targeted first. Everyone blames us for creating this chaos in education system in Kashmir. We need to fact check such videos because we face lots of humiliation because of such videos. I am a postgraduate and I have done M.ed as well and I am an ReT teacher. I have been felicitated five times by education department for my commendable contribution but still I have to live with this stigma.” Said Mushtaq Ahmad an ReT teacher from Kashmir.

The female teacher in the viral video was asked a simple question about addition in mathematics by the visiting officers which left her red faced as she didn’t even know the direction in which she was supposed to sum up the numbers.

The teacher in question can be clearly heard in the video asking the officers as to which direction should be feasible for her to calculate the numbers asked by the officers which clearly is shocking and embarassing for a teacher, because the responsibility of the future of a nation completely lies on its teachers.

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