Girl’s apologize for dancing in the premises of Shardha Sharif Shrine

Screen grab of the video

Umran Hussain

The Kashmir Radar: Girls who were seen dancing in the premises of the holy Shardha Sharied Shrine in a video that went viral on various social media platforms have now apologized for hurting religious sentiments.

A video that was shared multiple times on various social media platforms was not received well by the viewers and people immediately demanded an FIR to be lodged against four women who were seen dancing in the video.

Soon after the incident came to limelight, people across all corners of the Union Territory expressed anger and resentment about using the premises of a Holy religious place for shooting videos.

The girls have now requested various news portals to post their apology for hurting religious sentiments of the people and hundreds of Facebook pages and individual accounts have now shared the video where the girls in question can be heard apologizing for shooting a video while dancing in the holy shrine.

“The reason behind our celebration was that, one of our child who was ill since years was miraculously treated after our continuous visits to the shrine. We couldn’t resist once we came to know that the kid is fine now, we danced but out of ignorance we shot a video and made it viral too.” Said one of the girl who was herself part of the dancing party in the shrine.

Shardha Sharif is one of the most sacred destinations of Muslim pilgrimage, the shrine of the great Muslim saint, Pir Baba Ghulam Shah, is visited by a large number of devotees. Built in the 19th century on a beautiful hillock in Thanna Mandi area, 29 km from Rajouri town, it has great historical significance in the context of the origin of the Union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir. Thanna Mandi was the chosen stopover for the Mughals when they journeyed from Delhi to Kashmir and back. It was renowned for its woodcraft and chikri work, particularly the double-edged combs. Regular bus services are available from Rajouri and Jammu.

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