Heart Wrenching Story Penned Down By A Son Who Lost His Mother To COVID-19

I want to touch her feet once but I know I cannot.

I had a habit of hugging my mother after coming back from my office.

That love filled smile of my mother would add more taste to the tea she would serve me.

She would narrate to me, the happenings of the day as if I knew nothing about the things that were talk of the town during the day – mother’s love actually, they look upon us as little innocent kids irrespective of our age.

When the COVID-19 Pandemic started engulfing the world, the worry and anxiety was writ on the face of my mother and for a moment I thought she might be concerned about her own health, about contracting the virus, but Mother’s Love again- “Zu wandai yin nebar nerakh” “I would die a thousand times for you my son, you should stop venturing out now”.
I passed a smile and said, “look my mother, since your health has not been in a good condition from part one or two years, it is actually you who needs the utmost care and you should stop worrying about me”.

She was suffering from acute renal problem actually and was on medication.

Last week after developing some complications I had to take her to the hospital.

Yin haspatalas manz kuni cheezas thap karkh gobra“, “Try to avoid touching any object in the hospital my son “. Mother’s Love again. She was ill, she was in pain but yet she was concerned about me.

A few days later we were tested for COVID-19 and the result of the tests came as a bolt from the blue. “Positive” all the eight family members including my beloved mother.

Somewhere in the heart of my hearts I knew I can fight it out but how can my ailing mother overcome this virus.

I had heard of deaths due to COVID-19 and 95% of the deceased were already suffering from other diseases (Comorbidity), hence weaker immunity.

And as expected she couldn’t fight it out, she left us for ever. She left us when me along with my whole family was in institutional quarantine.

Imagine the plight of a son who is not able to have the last glimpse of his mother, imagine the plight of a son who is not shouldering the coffin of his mother, imagine the plight of a son who is not able to attend the funeral prayers of his mother.

Yes, I am the one unfortunate, in quarantine along with my other family members and I am devastated, I am shattered.

I request every one to pray for my beloved mother.

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