In a Viral Video, Girls Family Welcome Groom By Reciting Naat In Kashmir

Umran Hussain

You already know how colourful and vibrant Kashmiri weddings are! There are a plethora of rituals that have to be observed by the married couple. The families of both the bride and the groom take part in several colourful ceremonies that testify the true spirit of a traditional kashmiri wedding.

Kashmiri wedding is a real celebration of culture and traditions. From rituals to food to decor, here we take pride in traditions which can be labelled as unique and matchless.

Usually in Kashmiri weddings women folk perform Rof, (Rof is a combination of Kashmiri folk dance and Kashmiri folk song, performed by Kashmiri women or girls on different occasions), relatives sing famous Bollywood songs and dance on the numbers, but a video that is now viral on social media shows a groom being received by the girls family while a Naat plays in the background.

Netizens were seen hailing the discipline that was displayed by the onlookers who stood on two sides of a decorated path and a Molvi (Religious leader) recites a Naat on the occasion.

“This is what defines us, this is what we are. Soothing to the eyes it is.” Wrote Mujtaba, a Facebook user.

“We all should follow this, dancing and singing on marriages is something that goes against our culture and religion. This is peaceful.” Wrote another Facebook user in the comment section of the video.

“Ya Rasool Salam Alaika” (O Prophet divine, Peace be upon you) is the Naat that the Moulana recites while the groom enters into the premises of his in-laws.

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