Kashmir and its history of “Thekun” (Show off)

Kashmir is known for its extravagant marriage functions which include, Wazwan – a multi-course meal, dry fruit bowls Laden with money, meat balls stuffed with golden ornaments, expensive sweets, pandals with multicolored light systems, a professional cameraman for the bridal photoshoot and last but not the least quintals of meat to feed the hungry relatives.

Yes, you read it right. You have to spend a huge chunk of money on all this unnecessary cultural trait that has trickled down to us.

A picture circulating on social media in which five cooks donning PPE kits posing for the camera can be seen outside a pandaal waiting to serve the Wazwan.

Nobody has a right to speak against the tradition, culture or someones personal life but in such distressing times when people are dying of the deadly disease which claimed 3,418,165 lives till the last count, it is unfortunate that people in this part of the world are seemingly ready to sacrifice their lives for the sake of Wazwan.

Our people are known to be the exhibitionists, we have been thriving on getting attention, our people have to show it off, to their neighbours, their relatives and the colleagues ofcourse and unfortunately even at the cost of mortgaging their house with the bank.

Kashmir and its history of thekun, show off
Cooks ready to serve wazwan somewhere in Kashmir amid pandemic

There are at least six cooks in the picture and it is obvious that six cooks were not hired to serve only 50 people as per the goverment directions.

Had there only been 20-50 guests in the marriage in question two cooks would have been sufficient to cater to the needs from cooking to serving.

Moreover, how do you expect cooks to be aware about the “do’s and don’ts” of wearing a PPE kit and why were they wearing it in the first place?

Exceeding the limits of what’s reasonable or appropriate is something you can learn exclusively from the people of Kashmir.


If you don’t understand the seriousness of the pandemic, you are blind.

If you cheat the administration and break the rules, you are a criminal.

If you are trying to show off your wealth even in these testing times, then you certainly need to consult a psychiatrist.

You are not a human if you don’t care for your fellow beings.

We can cook Wazwan millions of times but life gives us only one chance.

We can mend the broken relations but not a broken lung.

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