Laila Qureshi draws flack after claiming that “she represents Kashmir”

Laila Qureshi, a mental health expert from Jammu and Kashmir’s Srinagar recently stocked controversy after she talked about her social media fan following and being the representative of Kashmir in an interview on Red FM.

In the interview that went viral on social media, Laila in the begining boasted about her fan following and without mentioning names of some social media influencers from Kashmir, said that “they are the faces who represent Kashmir.”

“We are being watched by not hundreds, not thousands but millions of people all across the globe and we are the people who actually represent Kashmir.” Said Laila Qureshi.

“Representing Kashmir” certainly didn’t go down well and netizens came up with a barrage of memes and posts making fun of her.

A meme that was shared multiple times with the picture of an international celebrity and the text in the meme read, “Kashmiri girls after gaining 200 followers on social media.”

Several other memes too downplayed her self proclamation of being a face of Kashmir “that represents Kashmir and is being watched by millions of people.”

Laila Qureshi has been doing a wonderful job by posting videos about mental health and psychological well being.

Laila Qureshi is a Psychologist and a Professional Mental Health Counsellor from Srinagar.

With more than 24 thousand followers on Instagram, Laila is known for her motivational speeches, lectures about metal health and psychological well being. Her followers, keep on admiring her efforts and her videos receive tremendous support from all across the globe.

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