My journey from a small village in Pulwama to Yidan Prize Conference Europe

Raashid Ul Nabi Khan

From working in a Private School as Teacher in a small village of Pulwama to making it to Yidan prize conference in Europe is a feat I recently achieved as an educationist and a contributor— I am hopeful that my story proves to be as an inspiration for all those who wish to remain contend with whatever Almighty has granted you, as I have never put myself in a race to achieve what people unnecessarily waste their time and energies for.

Your dedication, consistency and hardwork definitely gets noticed and time rewards you with whatever possible and whatever good you deserve.

Being a recipient of various national and international awards, I have alway tried to be an inspiration for our younger generation by using various social media platforms.

Being an invitee to the coveted Yidan Prize Conference Europe was always a dream and thankfully on the very blessed day of Tuesday I received an email from them that read.


Hello and good day or evening, depending on where you are in the world!

The Yidan Prize Conference Series: Europe 2021 will kick off in three days! We are excited to be meeting many of you and we look forward to welcoming you on our virtual conference platform. As a reminder, we will be recording our sessions for future use on our social media platforms.

See you on Friday!

Best wishes,

The Yidan Prize Conference Organising Committee.”

By the grace of Allah!! I am a passionate Teacher, writer and Daee of Islam too.

Presently, I am actively associated with three organizations/Institutions

  • Jamia Islamia Mahdul Muslimat, Srinagar (Mission, vision, passion and inspiration).

JKIFTS COUNCIL OF WRITERS (J&K Innovative Foundation For Transforming Society ( Passion to bring Change in society)
3.Islamic Fraternity of Kashmir ( Mission, Vision, passion and inspiration.)

Being a teacher I know my own development is crucial to be a role model for my students. I need to keep learning, improve, change, and get inspired to keep the teaching quality and desire high.

I show and share with the children what I keep studying and learning. I am a teacher, but always a student too.

Being a teacher is just great and our community needs me. The community needs my love, dedication, compassion and inspiration.

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