Only Muslims helped me in taking my friends dead body home

I lost my friend to the deadly COVID disease and as the rule goes, even the family members are not allowed to touch the body.

Just outside the hospital, a group of people came and helped me in getting the dead body of my friend into the ambulance, the people who helped me were Muslims and they didn’t ask what my religion was.

On the way we were stopped and offered some food by a group of people, all of them were Muslims.

On reaching the crematorium where we were supposed perform last rites of my friend, a group of people helped me getting my friend out of the ambulance, they called all the family members of my friend to have a last glimpse of him. All of them were Muslims.

Taking a risk by touching the dead body, helping in cremation, offering food, is kind of a help that one hardly expects in such distressing times and for obvious reasons, because nobody wants to contract the virus.

The man who identifies himself as Anil, narrates the happenings of his journey from hospital to the crematorium ground where he took the dead body of his friend who died of COVID-19.

Anil with moist eyes can be seen requesting his community with folded hands, not to stigmatize Muslims just because of their religion.

“We need to remember their efforts, the risks they are taking at the cost of their lives, the food they offer without asking ones religion,” once this gets over, we have a habit of forgetting their sacrifices, but I hope this time around we remember what they have done for us and what they have done for nation.

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