Shifa and Milham: The two inspiring women entrepreneurs from Srinagar


My name is Shifa Nayeem and I am the co-owner of ShoppeHobbie, an online clothing store. I along with my partner Milhum Mir have been in this business for a better part of 5 years.

Schooled in Mallinson school Srinagar, Shifa and Milhum have turned into Entrepreneurs. Started as a part-time interest, Shoppehobbie has now turned into a business venture.

The first step: 

When we started there was a dearth of locally owned online stores, however that strengthened our resolve even further to venture in the unknown and It has been nothing short of a fairytale.

Moreover, Kashmir has a huge untapped potential in the fashion sector, and there is a lot of scope for local business for those who want to cater to this demand.

The business model: 

Our idea of business was based on the affordable clothing model and right from the inception of our store, we have tried to maintain the vision of affordable clothing.

Our clothing line ranges from Pakistani to Indian brands. We constantly work to better ourselves. We believe our competition is who we were yesterday.

The Growth:

Over the years we’ve seen tremendous growth in fashion and apparel business, particularly in Kashmir.

How it started? 

Schooled in Mallinson school Srinagar, Shifa and Milhum together started the Shoppehobbie, an online shopping and delivery service portal. Initially it was started as a part-time interest, which has fortunately now turned into a successful business venture.

Shoppehobbie is an online shopping and delivery services portal co-founded by these two young engineering students.

Shifa Nayeem, has completed her B.tech. in Computer Science Engineering from SSM college. She’s a resident of Rawalpora with an overwhelming enthusiasm to carry her business forward.

“The unexpectedly huge response proved as an impetus which motivated us to put in all the efforts into this initiative.” Said Shifa while talking to The Kashmir Radar Correspondent Umran Hussain.

The reach: 

“Not only in Kashmir, we’ve been delivering our products to Bangalore, Tamilnadu, Delhi and other states of the country. Initially, we started with women’s clothing, however, with growing customer satisfaction, we included men’s wear and other accessories as well” said, Milham.

Milhum Mir, is a B.tech in Civil Engineering student from Sharda University.

“Shoppehobbie is a dream that we both are putting in all our efforts to make it a success.

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