Takibal: Kashmir’s smallest village that harbors a mystical secret

A village with a spiritual history even deeper than the whole history of kashmir itself. Nicknamed as “Taki”, this smallest village “Takibal” is only 2 Kilometers away from the main town Pulwama.

You wouldn’t believe if I tell you some facts about this village:

  • This village is a home to only six households and interstingly the number of households has remained constant since ages. Our correspondent Umran Hussain tried to uncover the mystery behind the constant number of households and asked an elderly person of the village about this mystery.

”Khazir Muhammad who is in his 80’s and most probably the eldest living resident of the village confirmed about the mysteriously constant number of households in his small hamlet and citing an old saint who stands buried in this pure piece of land, Khazir Muhammad said that it is because of his (saints) blessings that our village has never been overpopulated”.

  • This village had no road connectivity till the year 2020 and interstingly villagers were happy with no road connectivity as they loved to walk a little distance to reach the main road that connects with the main town.
  • There is no shop in the village that could cater to the daily household needs and demands of the village.
  • The locals still believe in various supersititions, Bashir Ahmad, a middle aged man narrated to us an incident of a tractor driver who as per him didn’t behave well near a graveyard where all local sufi saints are buried. Bashir says that the tractor remained stuck in the the mud for more than two days and it was only after the driver of the tractor offered “tehri” at the local shrine that he got rid of the trouble.
  • Locals believe that outsiders (strangers) who visit their village should consult our elderly before venturing out in the outskirts of the village.
  • There are more than twelve sufi saints buried in this village and the people of adjacent villages also display a huge amount of respect for the buried sufi saints in the village.

This place attracts local schools who visit this village and treat it as a picnic spot. “Various schools visit here with their students, they find solace at this place, they come to us and talk to us about the history of this village, said Mubashir, a student.

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Asad Irfan, a noted Islamic research scholor from Aligarh Muslim University explained the etymology of the word “Taki” and said that “taki” is referred to ”a secluded place”, ”a detached piece of land” that was mostly used by the ancient sufi saints to come closer to God.

While talking about the spiritual importance of the village, Asad Irfan said that “that the village takibal has been an abode to various sufi saints”.






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