The Endemic of Growing Harrassment Against Women In Kashmir

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Umran Hussain

Women in Kashmir do not speak against those who harass them. Yes, you read it right.

Have you ever come across a video on social media where a woman can be heard exposing a molester, a man who tried to rape her, a man who abused her online or a man who tried to molest her in office or school.?
The answer is obvious NO!, and there is a reason behind all this silence!

The 2006 infamous sex scandal that exposed various bureaucrats and politicians who were found involved in flesh trade, saw a very unusual trend of blaming only women for that imbroglio.

We witnessed hundreds of such incidents where elderly women, middle-aged women and teenagers were brutally subjected to sexual assault either by a friend, a neighbor or a stranger, but in most of the cases people always questioned the victim.

“Why she had to be there?”
“Why didn’t her parents took care of her?”
“This is the upbringing”
“This is what happens when you wear a revealing dress?”
“Women are supposed to stay indoors.” Bla bla.

Women – the victim, after facing the physical sexual assault, now gets raped mentally by the questions people ask her.

There is a specific section of people who are masters at defending the indefensible. They will demean you and defeat you by any means. They will use religion to put you down even if they possess no knowledge about it.

Now the question is why do such people matter?

They do. And interestingly, they have a very important part to play in such cases.
People listen to them, believe them and trust them. Their word is taken as a ruling.

Their silence is as dangerous as their voice to defend the indefensible.
In a very recent incident, a viral video on various social networking websites shot somewhere in Kashmir, shows 2-3 bike borne teenagers molesting two girls walking on a road.

Those young boys can be seen making rounds on two bikes and literally not allowing the girls to move.

Why is this a matter of grave concern?

Kashmir’s culture and tradition is defined by bashfulness, decency, honor, humility, modesty, self-respect and shyness.
Our previous generations too have never witnessed such shamelessnees that we come across nowadays. They sacrificed their everything to preserve what we boast of today.

A barefaced section of people is hell bent to knock down the edifice of modesty we have been reared in.

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