Two Videos With Two Different Stories

Umran Hussain

Two videos within a period of just two weeks popped up on your mobile screens with entirely two different stories.

Last week a video that sent shivers down the spine of K- internet in which a young boy from Kulgam district of Kashmir recorded his message before taking his life by suicide. People showed their resentment and anger about the reason behind his suicide.

His father was not payed his salary since two years (as per the video message) which plunged their family into a huge financial crisis. The magnitude of the financial crisis was of such level that the young boy had no other option left than taking his precious life.

Almost every live soul would have expected a response from the goverment as the cause of his suicide had a direct bearing on it, but to everyones suprise, only that young mans family received were the condolence messages that poured in from all corners.

As if the goverment inaction wasn’t enough, our social media troll and WhatsApp university graduates started delivering sermons about psychology and Islam. He was trolled for being a coward.

There is a great saying, “only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches.”

On the other hand another video surfaced on social media just this week which featured a four year old adorable baby girl requesting the Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi to reduce the timing of their online classes and “why small kids are burdened with too much homework?” was the question she asked.

Everyone loved the way that little girl delivered the message and for obvious reasons, it was such a wonderful video from such a beatiful kid.

The video was again shared multiple times on various social networking platforms and finally it may have landed on the screen the lieutenant Governor Of the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha and action was taken promptly. Schools were asked to reduce the number of classes for smaller children.

Education does carry an importance but is this basic Fundamental Right above and more important than the other Fundamental Right, “Right To life?.”

It is for you to decide, may be we couldn’t react to the video of the Kulgam youth, the way we did it with the video of the small girl.

Umran Hussain is a blogger and works for “The Kashmir Radar” as an online editor. He can be reached at umranhussainkr@gmail.com

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