“Wan Fakeeri Kyah Gai?” – And a Meme Was Born

Illustration by The Kashmir Radar

Umran Hussain

Back in 2020 a spiritual leader in a viral video was heard asking one question continuously to his followers, “Wan Fakeeri Kyah Gai?” “Unveil what connotes a dervish?”

The video that was not received well by the audience, found itself surrounded in a storm of memes and received severe backlash because the spiritual leader was seen beating his followers with a stick and what irritated the netizens more was that he even thrashed an elderly woman.

The spiritual leader later issued several statements in his defence and people learned that he is a well know retired teacher and now after his retirement has taken the route of spirituality and is leading Friday prayers somewhere in central Kashmir.

A famous meme that was born out of that video has again started making rounds on social media.

“Wan Fakeeri Kyah Gai?” “Tell me what spirituality or darveshi is?” Those who have not watched the video may find it a little weird as to why should such a religious and a pious question be taken as a meme and why should people make fun of such a great question.

The spiritual leader in question actually was trying to make his followers aware that he is the only person in the world who knows the meaning of “fakeeri.” The other spiritually elated men whom some of his followers had visited without his knowledge knew nothing about “fakeeri.”

He was furious because among those present in the gathering some had earlier visited another spiritual leader to get their wishes fulfilled as the notion goes, and probably had tried to neglect him and that was the reason he was seen beating them up with a stick and asking the same question continuously.

He was sending out a loud and clear message, that other spiritual leaders are only after food and money and that they knew nothing about spirituality. He even challenged the gathering to ask the same question “Wan Fakeeri Kya Gai?” to their respective spiritual leaders, for which he was sure that nobody but he alone knows the exact answer to this question.

Interestingly most of knowledgeable people on Facebook in Kashmir are seen using this question as a meme material particularly to mock a person who always boasts of his or knowledge.

In a recent series of Facebook posts and tweets, IPS officer Basant Rath used this infamously famous line before putting out his point in the Facebook post or tweet.

A “Faqeer” is one whose heart is purified of all the lust and desires of world and has a state where he experiences complete dependence on Almighty rather than on any of his acts or powers or control even for a single breath. This is actually an exalted state in spirituality

Umran Hussain is a blogger and works as an online editor for The Kashmir Radar. He can be reached at umranhussainkr@gmail.com.

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