Woman gives birth to a baby girl, husband runs away from LD Hospital Srinagar?

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Huma Tanweer

Social media is flooded with a news of a father who allegedly fled from the hospital after he learns that his wife has delivered a baby girl.

Would you call it shameful or disgusting?
Such incidents have taken place in past too, people were named and shamed, their pictures were made viral on social media, but the question is, have we been able to change anything?
The answer is absolutely, No.

It’s one of the most nefarious act on this earth; perhaps what is detestable is that the person who has committed this act belongs to the educated class.

Why people hate girl child?
Is it still a matter of shame and disrespect for parents?
The girl child has been a topic of discussions and debates for the past several decades but, even today, the position appears to remain unchanged.

The preference for a son continues to be a prevalent norm in the traditional households. The bias against females in India is grounded in cultural, economic and religious roots. Sons are expected to work, provide greater income and look after parents in old age. In this way, sons are looked upon as a type of insurance.

In addition, in a patriarchal society, sons are responsible for the “preservation” of the family name. This strong preference for sons results in a life-endangering deprivation of daughters.

Lack of education, ever increasing population and dowry have been good propellants to this menace.

Some measures and their enforcement should happen immediately. There needs to be a quick reformation in the attitude of people to look beyond the legacy and transform this world as a better place to live in.

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