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FACT CHECK: ‘Ummat News’ Peddles Fake News on Government Assistance to Girl Children. Here’s The Truth

A recent video report by a Facebook page, ‘Ummat News’ has been widely circulated, claiming that the government is providing assistance of Rs 2 lakh to every girl child. The video has garnered 1.9 million views, with thousands of comments inquiring about the scheme. However, our fact-check reveals that the news is completely false.

The scheme mentioned in the video is actually the BhagyaLaxmi Scheme, which is a state-specific program implemented by the Karnataka government to support female children from below-poverty-line families. The scheme provides financial aid to the girl child through her mother, father, or legal guardian, subject to certain conditions.

Contrary to the Ummat News report, this scheme is not a central government initiative and is only applicable to residents of Karnataka. The report’s failure to provide accurate information and clarify the scheme’s eligibility criteria has led to widespread confusion and misinformation.

This incident highlights the need for fact-checking and responsible journalism, especially in the digital age where misinformation can spread quickly. It is essential for media outlets to verify information before publishing to prevent the spread of fake news.


Source: https://www.facebook.com/share/v/eHqNA5LtS4Sd6j7z/?mibextid=oFDknk

Note: This fact-check article aims to correct the misinformation spread by Ummat News and provide accurate information to the public. It is essential to promote fact-checking and responsible journalism to prevent the spread of fake news.

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