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Fake Alert: The Man In The Video You Just Watched Is Not Dr. Sushil Razdan

Umran Hussain

A video is being circulated on various social media platforms which shows a man advising people to use ginger in order to save themselves from the new variant of Coronavirus known as Omicron.

The video which is now viral on social media suprised the medical fraternity in particular and those associated with the subject in general, as the man in the captions of the video is being introduced as India’s renowned Neurologist Dr. Sushil Razdan, a household name in Jammu and Kashmir.

After verifying the facts behind the video, the man in the video is said to be an ENT doctor who shares his personal experience of using ginger and curing himself of the disease and the video has nothing to do with Dr. Sushil Razdan.

In order to further verify the authenticity of the video Dr. Sushil Razdaan on a phone call with valley’s prominent journalist, Rifat Abdullah made it clear that he has nothing to do the the viral video and he informed public to follow the COVID appropriate behaviour by wearing masks and avoiding public gatherings as much as you can.

Soon various media outlets tried to inform the public about this fake video and the pictures of Dr. Sushil are now being widely shared to save public from misinformation.

Here is the picture of Dr. Sushil Razdan

Dr. Sushil Razdan

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