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Know The Truth Behind This Daring U-turn On A Cliff Edge

A video going extensively viral online shows a driver executing the perfect U-turn on a narrow mountain road. The video shows a blue car slowly turning around on the road – and viewers were stunned to note the cliff edge next to it. At certain points in the video, the car looked like it was just about to go over the edge, but the driver managed to execute the U-turn perfectly and drove off unscathed. 

The video resurfaced on social media yesterday, where it has since gone viral. On Twitter, the clip has garnered over 1.8 million views. It has also crossed a million views on Instagram. Social media users could not stop raving about the driver’s skill, with many applauding him for his courage in reversing near a cliff edge. 

The video was first shared in December last year by a YouTube channel called DrivingSkill. The video makes it clear that it was not an amateur driving the car but an expert demonstrating how to make U-turns on a very narrow road.

Screen grab of the video uploaded on the same YouTube channel

Moreover, when seen from another angle, it is clear that the driver was never at the edge of a cliff. Beneath him was another road that the camera angle carefully concealed. 

Another video uploaded by the same YouTube channel from a different angle revealed the otherwise.

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